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Fundamentals of C++ Programming Language

Training/Courrce Title C++ 101
Scope/ Syllabus Fundamentals of C++ Programming Language
Location Misurata, Libya
Start Date 10/9/2017
Closing Date 12/10/2017
Address Al-Ezdehar building, Suite A, Dept. 303


C++ is a famous programming language, developed in the eighties of the last century; it is characterized by strength and flexibility, and it used in all of the computer science areas and variety of programming fields; C++ is the main platform that gathers most of the programming concepts; C++ is the father of most of the modern programming language.

In this course we will introduce the most important concepts of programming using C++, this course had designed for absolute beginners in programming, and it will move them to some of the advanced programming levels, like OOPes.

At the end of this course, the intern will be able to build his own program and design his own system.

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