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Tender for the supply of visual monitoring system

Tender for the supply of visual monitoring system

Brega Oil Marketing Company announces tender for the supply of visual monitoring system for the security industrial administration under number 17/004.

All the specialized companies, agents and distributors which are technically and financially capable and desire to participate in this tender must submit the following documents bearing in mind that the supply must be from one of the manufacturers which are specialized in this field:

 First: Legal Documents

  • Establishment contract.
  • Policy of the company.
  • Valid Commercial Registration.
  • Valid Chamber of Commerce registration certificate.
  • Valid proof of tax payment certificate.
  • License for practicing activity.
  • The official address of the company, including phone numbers, fax, website and e-mail.
  • Authorized officials must have from bidder proof for negotiation as representative.
  • With regard to accredited agents and distributors, a formal document for the agency must be submitted.

Second, financial documents

  • the financial situation of the company during the last three years certified by an audit office including the capital of the company, its profits and sales volume.
  • a letter of recommendation from the main bank in which the company is operating accounts emphasizing the safety of the banking operations of the company.

Third: Business Documents

  • A detailed report that includes the company's commercial activity during the last three years


 General Conditions:

  • Offers must be submitted in 4 closed envelopes and stamped with red wax as follows:
  • The first envelope contains a priced commercial offer.
  • The second envelope contains deposit for the seriousness of participation worth 0.5% of the offer value by a certified check or a bank letter of guarantee which is unconditional and irrevocable issued by one of the commercial banks operating in Libya.
  • The third envelope contains the financial, legal and commercial documents of the company.
  • The fourth envelope contains the technical offer.

Please write on each envelope the contents and the name of the bidder and to be placed in one envelope, closed and sealed with red wax; to write only name of tender and to be addressed to the Committee for procurement, Brega Oil Marketing Company.

Important Notes:

  • The withdrawal of the tender documents including a booklet of general conditions, brochure of technical specifications and bill of quantities will be against payment of LD.100 (one hundred Libyan dinars), non-refundable, to the treasury of public administration of financial affairs at the company's location, Airport road, behind Tripoli oil depot.

Date for obtaining documents is from 12.03.2017.

Last date for submission of offers will be on 27.03.2017 at 12.00 hrs.

  • The bidder must sign each page of the tender documents and brochure of conditions.
  • Validity of the offer should be for a period not less than 60 days from the date fixed for the submission of offers, to be renewable.
  • In case bidder withdraws the offer prior to the opening of the envelopes or winner refrains from completion of contract arrangements, Brega Oil Marketing Company will have the right to confiscate the seriousness deposit for participation without warning or recourse to the courts.
  • Brega Oil Marketing Company without giving reasons has the right to cancel the tender or to accept or reject any offer, even if it is the lowest.
  • Winner must provide a final deposit (guarantee for good performance) worth 10% of the value of the final offer which was accepted within a period of not more than thirty days from the day following the date of notification of award.
  • Any offer will be excluded in case of non-compliance with any of the conditions referred to above.

Offers must be submitted to the secretary of the Procurement Committee at its location in Tripoli, Manofleen, company's building.

For inquiries, please contact: 0913822393 or

0213632553; or attend at company's procurement committee in company's building, second floor, Manofleen.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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