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Arab Gulf Oil Company...Tender No. MTC-19-21/2016

Main Tenders Committee of Arab Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) announces the following tender: -


Tender No

Name of Project



Masala field airport project

Construction of building for passengers

Supply and installation of fuel  stations and fuel tanks at Masala field airport F-68


All the specialized companies that have applied for withdrawal of the Tender Documents should know that the period of submission of offers will be during office hours from Monday, 30.01.2017 from 12.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs to the main tenders committee at the company's headquarters, Alkich, Benghazi, P. O. Box 263; any offer which does not comply with conditions will be excluded.  Bidder must be capable to execute the work perfectly and the lowest offer is not the only measure for award.  AGOCO has right for cancellation without mentioning any reason and will not bear any expenses incurred by participants due cancellation.

The following documents must be submitted: -

  1. The delegate must have authorization for the withdrawal of Tender Documents issued by an official document from the bidder stating the tender number and the name of the project.
  2. The participant should bring evidence of the activity and previous experience supported with documents including copies of the minutes for executed projects
  3. A copy of valid license for practicing the activity
  4. A copy of extract from the commercial registration and financial file
  5. A copy of valid certificate of the Chamber of Commerce registration
  6. Valid certificate proving payment of tax
  7. A copy of the Memorandum of Association
  8. A copy of the statute
  9. A copy of the partnership agreement if the firm is merged with another legal body to be certified by the competent local authorities or if the other party is in a foreign country, agreement must be accredited by the Libyan embassy
  10. Permission for practicing the activity should be from the competent minister for foreign companies
  11. Participant accepts a field visit to the headquarters of bidder's company by the authorized representatives of Arab Gulf Oil Company for an overview of all material and human resources available.

 The offer must be submitted in (4) separate envelopes sealed with red wax and stamped by the bidder stating the project name, tender number and the name of the participant on each envelope clearly: -

  • The first envelope: - Contains a priced financial offer (original + copy)
  • The second envelope: - Contains technical offer (original and 3 copies); the validity of the offer should be for a period of three months from the closing date set in this announcement (electronic version only of technical offer in pdf. file)
  • The third envelope: - Contains un-priced financial offer including the financial terms and method of payment and compliance of the General Conditions of Contract of Arab Gulf Oil Company as a prerequisite for participation in the tender (original + copy)
  • The fourth envelope : - Contains a primary deposit

Bidder at his own expense must provide primary deposit of 0.5% (half percent) of the tender value by certified check or a letter of guarantee or a letter of credit on demand to be irrevocable, unconditional and enhanced by Libyan Bank of first class or through European bank of first class and the company must be informed through Libyan Foreign Bank in Tripoli or through the British Arab Commercial Bank in London and must be renewable automatically which must be submitted with offers; the text of this guarantee must be acceptable by AGOCO and returned to those who were not awarded.

The validity of the letter of guarantee must be for sixty days after the time limit for the validity of the offer.

Participant should provide guarantee for good performance in the case of award for an amount not less than 10% to be valid for one year from the issuance of the final certificate for completion of the work to be submitted within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of notification.

For any queries, please contact Secretariat of the Tenders Committee on the following address: -

  • Main Tender Committee, Office No. (4) of the new building, company's main headquarters, Alkich, Benghazi, Libya, P.O. Box: 263
  • Fax: - 21861 2229006
  • Tel: - 21861 2228931-40, internal --3883
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Notes: all correspondence must be addressed to the Chairman of the Main Tenders Committee, Arab Gulf Oil Company.

Main Tender Committee

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