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Harouge Oil Operation ...tender NoTS-C(01/2017)


Company announces theHarouge Oil Operationis joint operating company on behalf of National Oil operation Libya and Suncor Oil (North Africa)GmbH, Announces an invitation to participate in tender no.TSC.(01/2017)

For companies that have the required legal and valid documents.


  1. Location of the work


  1. Tripoli -Amal field andRasLanouf
  2. General Brief Description of the work:


Inspection and testing programmer for

 lifting equipment as described in SOW


To all specialized companies in this field and wish to participate in this tender who are technically capable to executing this tender, should send an approved reprehensive to collect the tender package


NOTE: That the date for collection the tender package commences onTuesday 17/01/2017until Thursday 26/01/2017from (9:30)am to (11:30)am.


The collection of the package is from tender Committee office fourthfloor room (444) at the company head office in Tripoli. The package will be issued according to the following criteria:


  1. Official letter addressed to HOO company’s

Chairman of Tender sub Committee confirming the desire to participate in this Tender.

  1. Representative of the interested company shall be authorized to collect the tender package and shall present an official document stamped with a company seal.
  2. Provide a copy of the following legal :
  • Valid license compatible with the required work.
  • Commercial Registration
  • Certificate of Registration in chamber of commerce.
  • Article of association.
  • Payment of tax certificate

4.In case of no queries / inquiries are received from the bidder prior to bid submittal , this will be deemed mean that the bidder had studied the scope / specification bid package , found it clear from both technical & commercial aspects , therefore in case of any shortages and / or change of specification from HOO original scope/ specification bid package ,shall result in disqualifying the bidder’s offer, and shall be excluded from further considerations with no obligation to HOO to request any clarification from the bidder.

5.Paying value of (200 D.L)two hundred Libyan dinars,As the priceto buythe tender specifications brochurecash or by a certified check which is non-refundable, issued by a Libyan bank in favor of HOO.

6.Bid bond with a value (4000L.D)four thousand Libyan diner submitted with your offer in the form of a certified check in a separate envelope, which shall be refunded in the event of failure to secure the tender. The check shall be issued by a Libyan bank in favour of HOO.


  • Bids are to be submitted by hand to Harouge Oil Operations, El- Magarab Street, Ghanat Al Arif, Tripoli, Libya, and Attention: Secretary of Tender Sub - committee, fourth floor room (444).

*       Contractor's quotation shall be returned in the form above mentioned on or before middy of   Monday20/02/2017

Said bids are to be signed, completed in ink and presented in a sealed envelope/package. The envelope/package shall be clearly and conspicuously marked - Quotation for


Inspection and testing programmer for all

lifting equipment


Tenderno TSC.(01/2017)



Within the sealed envelope/package there shall be three sealed envelopes:

*Envelope (A) shall contain the technical sections of tender.

*Envelope (B) shall contain the commercial sections of tender without price.

*Envelope (C)shall contain the commercial sections of tender with price.

Writes the name of the project on each envelope –quotation for



Inspection and testing programmer for all

lifting equipment


Tenderno TSC.(01/2017)


Notes: Any company or contractor interested in participating in this tender is responsible for all costs involved.

If you have any questions please contact the sub tender committee via :

FAX no. : 00218-21-3330081 EXT. 5043.

Email to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Envelope B shall beclearly and conspicuously marked – ‘Envelope B Commercial without Prices– Quotation


Inspection and testing programmer for all

 lifting equipmentTenderno TSC.(01/2017)


Envelope C shall beclearly and conspicuously marked – ‘Envelope C Commercial with Prices–Quotation forI


Inspection and testing programmer for all

 lifting equipmentTenderno TSC.(01/2017)

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