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RFQ - Request For Quotation The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and Ministry of Education (MoE) ( Rehabilitation of Six Schools in Benghazi )





Date of issuance:  Wednesday 04 January 2017

Bid Reference:  LRFP-2016- 9129512

The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and Ministry of Education (MoE) invite sealed proposals from eligible Construction Companies for rehabilitation of the following schools



School Name




10th of March








Shohadaa Zentan






Eshraket El-Ghad



Bidders’ proposals must cover both school facilities in every lot that they choose to tender for. Contracts will be awarded strictly on the basis of lots and not schools.

To be eligible for submitting proposals, potential bidders must:

  • Be a registered construction company in Libya and must possess the relevant and valid registration certificates
  • Bidder shall demonstrate financial status of the company for the recent (3) years.
  • Have at least 10 years of experience in construction
  • Have successfully carried out a prominent construction/rehabilitation project in the last three years, and is able to provide a proof of implementation of such projects.
  • Bidder shall submit a copy of its current Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance Certificates.
  • The Bidder shall submit QA&QC plan for the company.
  • The Bidder shall submit detailed, current Resumes of staff forming the proposed Project Team. The Resumes should clearly state the responsibility and sizes of projects undertaken by each person. The Resumes should demonstrate each person’s suitability and capability for the work for which they will be responsible.
  • Prove of construction works executed directly by the bidder in Benghazi and/ or Tripoli
  • The Bidder shall submit proposed organization charts for the provision of the Services showing the lines of responsibility and communication amongst the Consultant’s key personnel, between the Consultant and the Client, and between the Consultant and other consultants.
  • The Bidder shall submit deployment schedule for the project. The deployment schedule shall be presented in bar chart form covering the whole period during which the Services are to be provided.
  • The Bidder shall submit a Letter of Transmittal [maximum 2 (two) pages].
  • UNICEF have the right to accept or reject even if it was the lowest price without giving reasons.


Complete tender documents may be obtained in soft copy pdf files at the following locations:


Norflyeen House no. 10-54-031

Tripoli, Libya



Ekraa, Assembly for Development and Education

Al-Majouri Area, Benghazi

Khaled Bin Al-waleed street

Next to Al-Majouri clinic

Ekra Society



Potential bidders who collects tender documents are invited to a Pre-bid-meeting on 12th  January  2017 at 10:00AM Libya time in Ekraa Office in Benghazi at the above address for detail explanations about the requirements of the project and for clarification of any queries  that potential bidders may have regarding the project.

Sealed proposals, clearly marked LRFP-2016- 9129512 MUST be received in two copies (two technical in a single envelop and two corresponding financials in separate inner envelope enclosed in one outer evelopne) in one of the bid boxes either in UNICEF office, Tripoli or in Ekraa office in Benghazi at or before 17:00hrs on Wednesday 25th, January 2017. Due the nature of this request for proposals, bidders may not be required to attend the proposal opening session. The mode of submission of proposals will be described fully in the detailed tender document.


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