Libya Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships of Global Health and Social Medicine at King’s College London

Undergraduate Scholarships & Funding

Undergraduate Degree Award

Value of Awards: £9,000 each

Number of Awards:  One

One award for entry onto ONE of the following full-time Undergraduate programmes:

• BSc in Global Health & Social Medicine

• BA in Global Health & Social Medicine

The award will be paid in instalments over the duration of the degree.  Subject to enrolment, a payment of £3,000 will be made in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3.

Eligibility: All students applying for the BA or BSc in Global Health and Social Medicine full time programmes to begin in September 2019, including UK, EU and Overseas students, are eligible for this scholarship.

Criteria: The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the assessments of three criteria:

  1. Previous academic performance;
  2. relevant experience where appropriate;
  3. personal statement indicating reasons for applying to a particular programme.


There is no separate application procedure for the scholarship. All individuals who have submitted a complete UCAS application by 6pm (UK time) on the 14  January 2019 will be considered for the scholarship automatically. Applications which are incomplete on receipt (for example, missing personal statements, references or predicted grades) will not be considered for the scholarship.

The bursary covers  only part of the annual tuition fees and applicants should ensure that they have sufficient means to cover the remaining tuition fees, as well as maintenance costs. 

The successful candidates will be notified no later than 15 March 2019. 


When offered a scholarship, you must also meet the following criteria for the scholarship to be awarded:

  1. Accept the University’s offer of a place as your firm (first) choice by 2 April 2019;
  2. meet the conditions of your offer (if you firmly accept an unconditional offer you are automatically deemed to have met the conditions of your offer);
  3. enrol as a full time student on the BA or BSc in Global Health and Social Medicine.


Bursary Recipients

Jiwon (Sophie) Lee, BA Global Health & Social Medicine, 2018-19

"My academic interest in global health and health policy began with a research internship at an international NGO. Here I was able to work with a team exploring healthcare delivery and its impact on populations around the world. This was a good start, if only to reinforce how complex this area is. The Global Health and Social Medicine program at King's College London will provide me with a valuable opportunity to build a career in this field. I value the emphasis the major puts on exposing undergraduates to research in different settings. Ultimately the experiences and training that the courses at King's offer will help to fulfil my goal to work for a global organization such as WHO or UNDP. The bursary was an unexpected and welcome addition to this opportunity and I am very excited for my years ahead at King's."


 Rachel Morse, BSc Global Health & Social Medicine, 2016-17


"I have always been interested in health field careers, but growing up, I was not sure where to focus within this field. A few years ago, I was trudging up hills to work with HIV and AIDS in Namibia. By the end of all of those hot desert days, I had learned about health in a context completely different than the one I grew up in. This led me to focus on health on a global scale and eventually, to apply to the Global Health and Social Medicine program. After completing a BSc in Global Health and Social Medicine, I would like to continue my schooling with a graduate medical program. An understanding of medicine, health and the factors that can affect these two items will be encompassed in this BSc program, providing a strong prerequisite for my future studies. In addition to this, I will have the chance to expand my understanding even further with work in laboratory-based fields such as neuroscience or pharmacology. This bursary is an appreciated acknowledgement of my focus in this particular field and gives the chance for me to expand my learning opportunities."



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