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Call for 2018 Doctoral Programs for International Students from The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

1. Introduction

The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) accepts international students through over 20 UCAS faculties and over 100 institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). See here for detailed information about UCAS faculties and CAS institutes.

Doctoral programs commonly last for 3 years. Certificates of graduation and degrees will be awarded to those who have met the requirements of graduation and degree conferment.


2. General Conditions for Applicants

(1) Non-Chinese citizens;

(2) Being healthy and willing to abide by Chinese laws and decrees;

(3) Holding a Master’s degree or its equivalent;

(4) English proficiency is required.


3. Application Guideline


You should verify that you meet ALL the requirements specified in the “General conditions for applicants” section of this call.


See here for a list of eligible supervisors affiliated with UCAS faculties/CAS institutes.

Once you find an eligible professor of your interest, you must contact him/her, send an explanatory e-mail together with your CV, research proposal and any other required documents to him/her, and indicate that you wish to pursue doctoral degree at UCAS.


Applications shall be submitted via the Online Application System for International Students of UCAS ( which would be officially launched around Dec. 15, 2017. Please prepare and upload the following materials to the system. Make sure the electronic version of supporting documentation is in the right format as requested for the online application system.

•  Your regular passport which has at least 2 years validity (only pages showing personal and validity details are needed);

•  Your recent full-face bust photo with 2-inch;

•  Complete CV with a brief introduction of research experience;

•  Foreigner Physical Examination Form;

•  Original copies of both Master’s and Bachelor degree certificates you held (applicants having just completed or about to complete their Master’s degree should provide an official pre-graduation certificate showing their student status and stating the expected graduation date);

•  Original copies of Master’s and Bachelor degree’s transcripts;

•  Detailed research proposal;

•  Photocopies of all the title pages and abstracts of maximum 5 published academic papers;

•  TWO reference letters (NOT the host supervisor) familiar with you and your work (signed, dated and on official headed paper with contact phone number and email address)

•  Certificate of financial support (or complete the scholarship application procedure to UCAS)

For those who a. have already got financial support, please attach the certificate of financial support; b. are applying to study by self-support, please attach the affidavit of support from guarantors and a bank statement; c. are applying for scholarship program(s) to UCAS, please complete the scholarship application procedure(s).




Please note:

1. The applicant should affirm that, all the information and materials he/she provides here are true and correct. If there is any forge or false documents, he/she will undertake all the consequences.

2. The applicant cannot apply to more than one institute/school and supervisor.

3. Please choose major, host supervisor and host institute cautiously before submission. After enrolment at UCAS, applications for the change of these items are seldom considered.

4. All the above supporting documentation must be in English or Chinese, otherwise notarial translations in English or Chinese are required.

5. Lack of application documents or unsatisfactory documents will not be accepted and none of the documents will be returned.

6. Please DO NOT send any of your supporting documentation directly to the International Students Office of UCAS.

7. Chinese Government Scholarship, CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship Programme and UCAS Scholarship for International Students do not request for application processing fee.


4. Application Time:

● Program for 2018 fall semester: December 1, 2017–May 31, 2018. For those who apply to UCAS for scholarship, please submit the above admission application documents along with scholarship application form before March 31st, 2018, the scholarship application deadline.

● Program for 2019 spring semester: September 1, 2018–November 30, 2018


5. Visa Application and Registration

UCAS will send Admission Notices, Visa Application Forms and some other documents to the admitted students.

The admitted student should take his personal passport, Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW202/JW201), and original Form of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners as well as other original documents of physical examination to the Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China, and apply for a student visa (X1/X2 visa). Please do not enter China visa-free or with other types of visas other than X visa. Please keep the original Admission Notice and Visa Application Form (JW202/ JW201) which are needed for registration and residence permit application.

The admitted student should register at the place indicated in the Admission Notice, and should register on the assigned date. Otherwise, students should apply to UCAS for registration extension.


6. Fees and Scholarships

6.1 Application Processing Fee, Tuition, and Expenses:

(1) Application processing fee: RMB 600 (Non-refundable);

(2) Tuition:

Liberal Arts: RMB 34,000/year;
All Other Disciplines: RMB 40,000/year;

(3) Accidental Injury and Hospitalization Insurance premium:

RMB 800/year, RMB 400/half year;

(4) Accommodation (shared rooms) fee: RMB 900/month for one student;

(5) Outpatient service fee is paid according to the insurance scheme of insurance company.

Board expenses, travel expenses and other costs of experiments, meetings and trainings beyond the program curriculum are at the student’s own expense.


Please note:

    1. Currencies other than RMB, USD and EUR are unacceptable.

    2. UCAS bank account information:

Beneficiary: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Account number: 11001059200053002790

Bank: Construction Bank of China

Beijing Municipal Dongfangguangchang Branch


    3. Please specify the purpose of the remittance and the student’s name, nationality and passport number.


6.2 Scholarships

● Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese Government Scholarship covers many programs, including Bilateral Program, EU Program, AUN Program, PIF Program, etc., to sponsor international students and scholars to study and research in Chinese universities. The scholarship offers fee waivers of admission application, tuition, health insurance, on-campus accommodation, etc. Please refer to the website of the China Scholarship Council ( for detailed introduction, qualifications of applicants and application procedure.

UCAS is one of the Chinese Government Scholarship universities. Eligible applicants may apply to the China Scholarship Council with recommendation from related national official departments and Embassies or Consulates of the People's Republic of China. The scholarship application usually starts in November and ends in the following April, but please be noted of deadline variations for different countries. The International Students Office of UCAS will offer pre-admission notice if needed.

Applicants may also apply with UCAS recommendation (see But this is only for a small number of excellent international students who are not currently studying in China.

● CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship Programme

The program offers full scholarship for 140 international students from all over the world to pursue doctoral degree at UCAS. It provides tuition and application processing fee waivers and living allowance to cover health insurance, accommodation fee, transportation fee, etc. Please refer to the UCAS website at for detailed information and application procedure.

● UCAS Scholarship for International Students

The UCAS Scholarship for International Students offers full scholarship for international students to pursue doctoral degrees at UCAS. It provides tuition fee waiver, health insurance, living allowance and on-campus accommodation. Please refer to the UCAS website at for more information.


7. Contact Information

Coordinator: Ms. XIE Yuchen

International Students Office

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

No.80 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100190, China

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel/Fax: +86-10-82672900




For more information please visit the site 

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