Libya Scholarships

QMUL Malta Scholarships and QMUL Malta VGH Scholarships for 2017/18 entry


We are offering a series of scholarships for our QMUL Malta courses in Medicine. A proportion of these (including all the scholarships reserved for Maltese citizens) are being sponsored by our partners, the operators of extensive clinical services in Malta, Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH). All scholarships will be allocated by an identical process.

Scholarships will be awarded on academic merit.

Scholarship Course(s) Number Value* Home/EU/Overseas

QMUL VGH Malta, Maltese Medicine Scholarships

MBBS Malta
Clinical Certificate In Foundation Studies Malta (CCFSM)
Up to 2 Covers all tuition fees over the duration of the courses. Maltese citizens

QMUL Malta/QMUL VGH Malta, Medicine Scholarships

MBBS Malta
Clinical Certificate In Foundation Studies Malta (CCFSM)
Up to 8 Reduces the tuition fee to the Euro equivalent of the home/EU fee for MBBS London student, currently €10,850 (£9,250) per year. Home/EU/Overseas

QMUL Malta/QMUL VGH Malta, Medicine Scholarships

MBBS Malta
Clinical Certificate In Foundation Studies Malta (CCFSM) 
Up to 10 Reduces the tuition fee to the Euro equivalent of £19,000 (currently €22,300) Home/EU/Overseas

*Tuition fees may rise over subsequent years in line with inflation.
The scholarships do not include accommodation fees or any other living expenses.

Download a scholarship application form [DOC 54KB]

Am I eligible to apply?

To be eligible to apply for the scholarships you must:

  • Submit a completed MBBS Malta or Clinical Certificate Foundations Studies Malta (CCFS) application by 31st May 2017 and
  • Submit a completed scholarship application by 31st May 2017.

Scholarship criteria

The scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and (with the exception of the two Maltese scholarships) are open to all candidates worldwide.

All scholarships will be awarded on the basis of applicants’ performance in the following measures:

  1. UCAS tariff points or international equivalent, or High School results for CCFS (50%)
  2. UKCAT score (50%)

The units of assessment will be weighted as outlined above using the score the candidate achieves in each of the two criteria. In the event of a tie between candidates, the scholarship selection panel may, at its discretion, refer to the candidates' scores at interview and answers to Question 1 of the scholarship application form to reach a decision to award the scholarship(s).

Once a student has been awarded the scholarship and started the course it will be retained by the student until the end of their programme, assuming they meet the necessary criteria to progress through the course each year, i.e. they fulfil the examination and professional requirements.  CCFS students will carry their scholarship through to MBBS studies upon successful completion of the CCFS.

Application and awarding process

Students who wish to be considered for one of these scholarships need to first apply to the course then apply for the scholarship using a Download a scholarship application form [DOC 54KB]. 

Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis. To qualify, applicants will need to meet the minimum requirements listed below:


  • AAA or equivalent; 2:1 or equivalent for graduates,
  • UKCAT:
    • If taken in 2016 a minimum UKCAT score of 1731
    • If taken in 2017 a minimum UKCAT score of 2331,
  • IELTS 7.0. 

Clinical Certificate in Foundation Studies

  • The minimum academic entry requirement from your country. Please see selection criteria to check,
  • UKCAT:
    • If taken in 2016 a minimum UKCAT score of 1400
    • If taken in 2017 a minimum UKCAT score of 2000,
  • IELTS 6.5.

Scholarships may be awarded on a conditional basis, subject to the student meeting the terms of the academic offer when exam results are announced.

Students will be assessed for their suitability to be awarded a scholarship by a panel comprising of the Dean for Education, the Deputy Dean for Education (Malta) and two people external to QMUL e.g. a nominee of VGH and a nominee of the Maltese Government.

Key information

Deadline for scholarship application: 31st May 2017.  A small number of scholarships will be withheld for possible late applicants.

  • Students can apply for the scholarship at any point up until 31st May, even if they have already been interviewed and offered a place. 
  • Scholarships will be awarded by 31st July 2017 once we have received all UKCAT scores and the majority of International qualifications (IB, CBSE etc). 
  • Scholarships can be awarded to outstanding students who meet the criteria to receive an unconditional offer before this date.
  • Unconditional scholarship awardees will be expected to accept the offer within two weeks by making a deposit payment.
  • Conditional scholarship awardees will be expected to accept an offer within one week of becoming unconditional by making a deposit payment.
  • In the event of an individual who has been offered a scholarship on a conditional basis failing to meet those conditions, the candidate may still be offered a place, but the offer of a scholarship may be withdrawn.
  • Scholarships cannot be deferred.

Steps from application to scholarship award

  1. Apply for the MBBS Malta or CCFS Malta
  2. Apply for the Scholarship
  3. Be shortlisted for interview or rejected dependent on strength of application
  4. Attend an interview either in person or via Skype
  5. Student considered for scholarship by panel if interview was successful
  6. Student informed of offer of admission to MBBS/CCFS and outcome of scholarship application if a decision on this has been made by the panel at this point
  7. Student informed of offer of admission to MBBS/CCFS and then the outcome of the scholarship application once this is available, then provided a deadline by which to accept scholarship offer by making deposit payment.

When will I know the outcome of my scholarship application?

The deadline for application is 31st May 2017. Scholarships will be awarded by 4th August 2017. A small number will be deferred to be awarded later over the summer.

How do I complete the application form?

Please ensure you answer all questions and complete all sections of the form. The questions help us to assess if you are eligible for a Scholarship. If you would like any help in preparing your application please contact the Admissions Team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download a scholarship application form [DOC 54KB]


For more information please visit the site :




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