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GPC Libya Decision No 286 For 2010 Regarding Establishment


GPC Libya decision No. (286) for 2010 regarding establishment of the development of the Fazzan agricultural region

Article (1)
In accordance with provisions of this decree an organization named (the development organization of Fazzan agricultural region  shall be established, shall have independent legal characteristic, financial obligation and follow the general people's committee for agriculture, marine and animal abundance. Its location shall be specified by virtue of a decree be issued from the general people's committee for the sector, provided that it should be outside Tripoli popularity.

Article (2)
The organization specializes in setting and executing plans and programs necessary for execution of the general development policies of Fazzan agricultural region, and specifically shall have:
-Execution of the works and the developmental agricultural programs in the sites falling within its working zone, which have to be determined by the sector.
-Seek to rehabilitate the existing settling projects and having it reach its economical objectives.
-Grow and develop the existing agricultural activities and endeavor to increase and improve its productivity.
-Complete execution of the current agricultural projects which are falling within its working zone.
-Supervise the agricultural and animal productive units and submit circular reports around its activities.
-Favor establishment of the small and medium projects in the different agricultural fields coordinately with the concerned authorities.
-Favor the foreign investment programs of economical avail in the agricultural line within the organization's work limits.
-Pay attention to the date palms gardens falling within its works, grow and develop it.

Article (3)
The organization shall be managed by management committee consist of a secretary and four members whom will be nominated by virtue of a decision from the general people's committee for agriculture and animal abundance according to applicable rules.

Article (4)
The organization management committee shall assume setting plans and programs necessary to achieve aims entrusted to the organization and follow up its execution, and specifically shall have:
-Set plans and execution programs of the organization in the framework of the general plan in the sector.
-Set up the annual draft budget and approve the final accounts of the organization.
-Follow up and guide the organization's associate departments in the manner that accomplishes the aims entrusted to it and reform its works.
-Propose the organizational framework and personnel of the organization and submit it for approval.

Article (5)
Secretary of the organization's management committee shall assume managing its affairs and run the dally work and specifically shall have:
-Call the management committee into meetings, prepare its working agenda, administer its meetings and confirm its minutes.
-The dally supervision on the working staff in the organization and directly follow up and guide their works and assume all works in concern with their functional affairs.
-Propose execution of the organization's budget according to the applicable rules.
-Represent the organization in its relationships with others and before the justice.
-Sign the contracts in respect with the organization's activities and duties accordant applicable rules in it.
-Set up the organizational framework and personnel in the organization and place it before the management committee for approval by the concerned authorities.
-Form the technical and scientific committees and specify its duties.
-Prepare the circulatory reports on the organization's activities and submit it to the competent authorities.

Article (6)
The organization organizational framework consist of a number of departments and offices which will be specified by virtue of a decision from the general people's committee for agriculture and animal abundance according to proposition of the management committee.

Article (7)
The organization shall have independent budget be prepared accordant applicable accountable regulations, and the fiscal year in the organization shall start with the starting of the fiscal year in the state and ends by end of it, provided that its first fiscal year shall commence with effect from the enforcement date of this decision and ends by end of the current fiscal year.

Article (8)
The financial resources of the organization shall consist of the following:
-That which allocated for the sake of it in the general budget of the state.
-The income returns, proceeds and the fees which arise from its activity or services be rendered to others within its jurisdiction and accordant the law.
-Any other sources are licensed to obtain it including loans, banking facilitations and the non conditioned donations accordant the law.

Article (9)
Some of the present personnel in the agriculture sector will be transferred to the organization according to its need, by a decision from secretary of the general committee for agriculture and animal abundance in the same functional status.

Article (10)
The Organization has the right to open a bank account in one of the working banks in the great Jamahiriya, where it deposits its funds and may open other accounts by approval of the general people's committee for planning and finance.

Article (11)
The people's committee for financial audit shall assume auditing and reviewing the organization's accounts accordant the law.

Article (12)
The following are subordinate of the organization:
1/ Maknussa productive project.
2/ Barjuj productive project.
3/ Elddabawat project.
4/ Irawoun project.
5/ Elariel project.

Article (13)
 This decision to be applied from date of issue and to be executed by concerned authorities.

Issued on: 12/07/2010

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