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1 Telephone and Internet Services in Southern Region Disrupted by vandalizing Attack in Abu Njaim. 17-02-26 15
2 Wind turbine equipment delivered for Emsalata project 17-02-26 16
3 Libya, Venezuela suspended from voting in the UN General Assembly once again 17-02-25 33
4 Zueitina oil Port Loaded a Tanker with about 600 Thousand Barrels of Crude Oil. 17-02-24 28
5 Meeting in Tobruk with the representative of the French company "SEDM" 17-02-24 27
6 Ministers Council of the Interim Government reforms the General Authority for communications and IT management. 17-02-24 30
7 North Africa Bank announces Reception of Applications for Purchase of Foreign Currency.   17-02-24 35
8 Sidra oil port loaded the tanker "AGRARI" with 600 thousand barrels of crude oil. 17-02-24 30
9 Maintenance Operations in Abu Tefl Field. 17-02-24 21
10 Dean of the Municipality of Tripoli in Charge met a Delegation of businessmen and managers of Chinese companies. 17-02-24 34
11 Municipality of Gulf of Sidra Prevents Petrifying Pastoral Land. 17-02-24 25
12 Completion of Stalled Construction Projects at the University of Tripoli. 17-02-24 25
13 Obstacles Facing the Education Sector. 17-02-24 26
14 Russia and Libya Sign New Oil Deal. 17-02-24 22
15 Installation of Desalination Plant for kidney Section in Tobruk. 17-02-23 22
16 Annual Report for Production and Export of Oil and Gas. 17-02-23 26
17 Operation rooms for Benghazi Medical Center and Algalaa Hospital. 17-02-23 18
18 Allocation of 21 Million Dinars within 2017 Budget for the Municipality of Benghazi. 17-02-23 22
19 Needs of Ubari Gas Station. 17-02-23 24
20 Libyan Municipal Councils Reach out to China for Infrastructure Projects. 17-02-23 20
21 Contracting with Health Centers, Clinics and Pharmacies to Provide Services. 17-02-23 23
22 NOC and Rosneft sign Cooperation Framework Agreement at London IP Week 17-02-23 31
23 Libyana Launches Project to Upgrade Network in the South. 17-02-23 18
24 Crude oil rises after report shows drop in stockpiles 17-02-23 25
25 Libya’s Crude Oil Production Hit a 3-Year High 17-02-23 22

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