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Tewewe Co. For Industrial Information Ltd. Director General ALI SALEH - Volunteer - Ali

volunteer - - volunteer

CV Refrence No. 4154

Name: Ali - Alsaleh

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1980-3-31
Social Status: Married
Nationality: Libyan
City: Sabha

Arabic_Level: Excellent
English_Level: Good
Other_Level: Good
Other: Chinese Language

Curriculum vitae
Personal information:
Name: Ali Saleh Almehdi.
Date of birth:31/03/1980
Place of birth: Tiweewi.
Nationality: Libyan.
Religion: Muslim.
Social status: marrige.
Address: Sabha .
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Q Q:3371909190.
Mobile: +218 954802007
Arabic- mother language.
English- intermediate.
Chinese language and culture class
∗ Higher diploma in engineering of air condition and refrigeration 2002.
∗ Training course at the center of technical studies research.
∗ Engineering drawing.
∗ Mechanical technology branch(solid work).
∗ Chinese language and culture class from Shanghai Business School.
∗ Teaching in the center of mechanical professions, department of (air
Conditions and refrigeration) from 2003 to 2007.
∗ Worked at Alwan advertisement, media and artistic services.
∗ Business international company 2015.
● Tewewe Co. for Industrial Information Ltd. 2017.
Reading , sport, swimming.

Tewewe Co. For Industrial Information Services Ltd Company objective:
1. Providing all the industrial information in the field of
international and local factories and its accessories of machines and
equipment related. 2. Presenting all the instructions about material
industrial offers and its document either a visual or papers. 3.
Preparing conferences and explanation about the industrial product
with visual presentation or papers and present enough information
about its prices, origin, productivity, maintenance, quality
assurance, predicted age and alike. 4. Information about its spare
parts places, maintenance experts and industrial structures for
existing and coming factories. 5. Presenting instructions, industrial
advices, inspecting, bringing and inviting maintenance experts
according to the need of inspection results. 6. Contributing in
publishing of industrial awareness and its affect and revenue on the
national economy and national mind development in industrial sector.
7. Collaborating with environment protection board in order to limit
environment pollution, and its hazards and invent the last scientific
inventions in the field of pollution limitation. In order to achieve
its objective, the company shall have the following actions: 1. Owns
and rents the sites and stores and acquiring equipment and machines to
enable the company for operating its activity. 2. Secondment, lend,
recruiting and inviting the experts and specialists of assembly and
maintenance in the limits of company’s contracts that have concluded
with others. 3. Prepare complete databases of local existing factories
in order to benefit from it in the limit as company deems suitable. 4.
Following up the manufacturing company contracts that have signed with
others because of company introduction including follow up of the
banking courses, sea and air ports, entrance gates, tax authority,
environment protection administration and the rest of public
authorities according to official entitlements from the importing
company or the agent, this text included in the varies L/Cs opening
terms shall be considered as applicable and supersedes the official
entitlement. 5. Obtaining industrial commercial authorization in
accordance to the commercial authorization law and its amendments as
updated legislations organizing such relation.

Computer: Yes
msExcel: Yes
msWord: Yes


Health: Excellent

For more details about this CV please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CV Refrence No. 4154

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