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Civil Engineer - Engineering - Ibrahim

Engineering - - Engineering

CV Refrence No. 4153

Name: Ibrahim - Dofan

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1984-8-7
Social Status: Married
Nationality: Libyan
City: Gharain

Arabic_Level: Excellent
English_Level: Excellent

 Education
07 /2011- 07 /2013 Master of Civil Engineering
Deakin University (Australia).
Master’s Thesis: 'Comparison between NF & FO of dye solutions '
11 /2010-07 /2011 English for Academic Purposes
Deakin University English Language Institute (Australia).
09/2002 -06/2007 BSc. of Civil Engineering.
Eljabel Elgharbi University (Libya)
Bachelors Thesis: 'Analysis and structural design of the multi-storey residential building '
 Scholarships and Awards
10/2010- 07 /2013 Postgraduate scholarship / Eljabel Elgharbi University (Libya).
 Professional Qualifications
• Supervision of all construction works
• Excellent to Preparing Contouring maps and some survey working
• Estimating material quantities required for construction
• Preparing invoice payments
• Ability to to use surveying equipments ( level – Tiodolet – EDM- Total Station )
• Working knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Proficient in some Engineering software such as (AutoCAD 2D - Sap 2000 - Surfer8 - 3D Home – Ms Project)
 Academic Employment – Teaching and Research
09/ 2013- Current Lecturer& Studying and Examination Manager
Civil Engineering Department, Eljabel Elgharbi University, Gharain-Libya.
As Lecturer
• Taught Introduction to(Environmental Engineering, Surveying and Surveying Instruments) to BSc students.
• Trained students to use Surveying Instruments in field.
• Supervised several case of studies such as(Studying the quality of materials used in concrete in Gharain-Libya , evaluate the quality of the bottled drinking water produced in Gharain-Libya
As Studying and Examination Coordinator
• Arranged & scheduled examinations times in school of Engineering.
• Organized with other collogues to prepare class rooms for exams.
• Studying and examination progress reports
• Devised and implemented learning objectives, lesson plans and activities to meet targets.
• Delivered a high quality learning experience to students which was met with consistently positive feedback by independent Facultyevaluation.
• Started as Studying and Examination Coordinator and got promoted to Studying and Examination manager within 2 years.
 Employment History (Field Experience)
09/ 2011-10/2011 AutoCAD designer (Part time Job)
Ultimate Shutter Ltd, Melbourne-Australia.
• Designed Roller Shutter Shop Drawing in fire pump building.
11/2009- 10/2010 Inspector Engineer & Management Engineer
Chemonics Egypt Consultants Ltd, Gharain-Libya.
Project Name: Desing and constraction of 5000 housing units in Eljabel Elgharbi. Owner: Housing Infrastructure Board (HIB)
As Inspector Engineer
• Check all construction elements.
• Reviewed and checked steel reinforcement of foundations, beams, columns and ceilings according to design drawing and design criteria.
• Noticed andevaluated quality of work at site area.
• Prepared daily work plan & Inspector’s Daily Reports (IDR).
As Management Engineer
• Planned and organised the documentation system.
• Review and updated daily work plan progress.
• Reviewed and redesign of structural and plumping drawings.
• Used Aconex system to send modified plans to contractor.
• Prepared and edited weekly and monthly progress reports.
• Reviewed invoice payments of contractor.
• Conducted safety audit with team group.
• scheduled timetable of infrastructure works by using Ms Project software.
• One of teamwork who are inspected concrete plant mixing calibration.
• One of teamwork who are Found solutions of obstacles at work site.
• Started as an inspector engineer and got promoted to a management engineer within six months
• Enhanced high service quality by consistently suggesting new and highly workable ideas.
04/2009-10/ 2010 Teacher assistant & Lab Engineer (Part time Job)
Civil Engineering Department, Eljabel Elgharbi University, Gharain-Libya.
As teacher assistant
• Trained students to use engineering software (AutoCAD-2D, Sap 2000).
• Assisted students to draw contouring maps and determined soil cutting and filling quantities.
• Coordinated site visits to help students to get knowledge of industrial area.
As Lab Engineer
• Conducted experiments for concrete materials such as (aggregate, sand, cement & compressive concrete cubes) and prepared test reports.
04/2008-04/2009 Site Engineer & Project Manager
Omran Almostakbal Company for construction works, Tripoli-Libya
As Site Engineer
• Supervised of finishing and Infrastructure works of 32 housing units.
• Monitored all done works to ensure the works comply with contractual terms and conditions, as well as specifications, applicable regulations.
As Project Manager
Planned and Scheduled project timetable. Page 2 of 3
• Estimated and calculated project quantity and prepared invoice payments.
• Prepared, Submitted and followed invoice payments with owner (HIB).
• Prepared progress reports
• Started as a Site engineer and got promoted to a Project Manager of the Company within nine months.
• Delivered a high quality of work, low costs & on time.
07/2006 -03/ 2008 Site Engineer
Aljanoob Company for construction works, Gharain-Libya.
• Estimated and calculated buildings quantity.
• Supervised all building elements.
 Conferences & Publications
• Invitation to attend the International Conference on challenges in Environmental Science & Engineering (CESE)- Daegu/ Korea/2013.
• Attend the first International Road Safety Conference- Tripoli/ Libya/2009.
• Ammar, A,Dofan,I, et al. (2015). "Comparison between nanofiltration and forward osmosis in the treatment of dye solutions." Desalination and Water Treatment ,1-9.
 Special Skills & Achievements
• Interpersonal and communication skills.
• Strong leadership skills.
• A practical problem solver.
• Ability to build and retain relationship with clients, suppliers, contractors, and other professionals.
 Personal interests
Playing football, Travelling, Watching documentary movies.


Computer: Yes
msExcel: Yes
msWord: Yes

Driving_License: Yes

Additional_Information:  Referees • Professional:  Dr. Ashraf karakish Project Director, Saudi Arabian Parsons Limited Mobile phone: +966 50 343 71 0
Health: Excellent

For more details about this CV please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CV Refrence No. 4153

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