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Public Auction for Sale of Quantities of Used Oil.

Brega Oil Marketing Company announces its desire to extend the announcement of sale of quantities of used oils by public auction in closed envelopes.

These quantities are in the warehouses of the company in the cities of Tripoli and Misurata and those who wish to participate in the auction must submit offers.  The following must be submitted with offers:

  • Valid license and permission to practice the activity.
  • Provide certified certification on how to deal with oils both locally and externally.
  • Note: any file will be excluded unless the above request is submitted.
  • Extension of the announcement will be from Thursday, 09/11/2017 until the end of the working day on Thursday, 16/11/2017, the last date for receipt of the files of the bidders.

The following conditions must be abided:

  1. The whole quantity will be sold in one lot; to be towed and transported at the expense of the winner.
  2. Each participant shall provide a guarantee for seriousness of participation by a certified check in the name of Brega Oil Marketing Company for LD.10,000 (ten thousand dinars) issued by one of the commercial banks operating in Libya, refundable to those who were not awarded only.
  3. The company will not pay attention to any offer not accompanied by the guarantee for seriousness of participation and will be excluded directly from participation in the auction.
  4. Offers shall be submitted on the form prepared for this purpose, which shall be received from the committee supervising the auction and shall be placed inside closed envelopes sealed with red wax, including the value of the offer and guarantee for seriousness of participation mentioned in paragraph (3) and addressed to Brega Oil Marketing Company. A date will be specified later for opening the envelopes after examining the documents submitted administratively and technically.
  5. The winner must complete the payment of guarantee mentioned above to 20% of the offer price once the auction has been awarded to become a final deposit. A collection advice for the final amount of guarantee will be issued after withdrawal of the provisional receipt, to be returned after completion of the towing and transportation process.
  6. Provide with the offer the execution period for withdrawal and transport of oils from their places.
  7. The winner shall pay the rest of the price within (15 days) from the date of notification. In case of non-payment on time, the guarantee shall be confiscated and the company shall have the right to cancel the auction and select from the other applicants.
  8. If the winner delays withdrawal and transport of the oils sold during the agreed period presented in the offer or failed implementation, storage charges for (2%) of the offer price for each week delay will be paid; and if the delay is more than a month, the quantities will be sold on his account and will be charged with price difference, storage expenses and 10% administrative expenses. If the value of the sale exceeds the value of the auction, he will not be entitled to the excess amount after deduction of the storage expenses and the administrative expenses.
  9. The quantity of oils offered for sale shall be increased and decreased according to the actual delivery.
  10. Any envelope which is not stamped with red wax will not be accepted and will be excluded directly from entering the auction.
  11. The winner shall abide by the safety and security instructions when withdrawing and transporting the oils.
  12. The Committee shall have the right to postpone or cancel the auction without giving reasons.


Applicants wishing to apply for the auction must provide proof of identity even if the applicant is an individual and is delegated in all cases related to the auction.

For any inquiry, please contact or attend at the company's headquarters in Tripoli, Ben Jaber warehouse.

Phone numbers:

Direct/Fax: 0213409910, Tripoli

Mobile: 0917000640, Tripoli

Misrata: Direct Phone/Fax 0512663850

Mobile Phone: 0910709604, Misrata

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