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Public Auction for Sale a Group of Assets and Used Operational Waste at the Company's Sites.

Brega Oil Marketing Company announces sale by public auction a group of assets and used operational waste at the company's sites in Tripoli oil depot, Airport Road, Alhani gas warehouse and Misrata oil depot.

The sale will be in groups, as follows:

The first group: different types of operational waste, office and home furniture, air conditioners, tires, batteries, containers and 275 used baskets for handling domestic gas cylinders, behind Tripoli oil depot, Airport Road (Zawayed Square) and 96 in Alhani warehouse.

The second group: consists of (41) barrels filled with heads of valves of domestic gas cylinders that are not fit for use and made of copper material, including (10) in Tripoli oil depot, airport road, (3) in Alhani warehouse and (28) in Misrata oil depot next to iron and steel factory.

The third group: (51) different types of assets and mobile homes behind Tripoli oil depot Airport Road.

The fourth group: (6) assets of different types in Misurata oil depot, adjacent to iron and steel factory.

The fifth group: Various types of used operating wastes at Misurata oil depot adjacent to iron and steel factory.

Those who wish to participate in the auction must submit their offers and abide by the following conditions:

  1. The attached form must be filled and the sale shall be wholesale for each group as mentioned above. Offers may be for all groups provided that an offer is submitted for each group separately.  In case equal offers are submitted, the auction will be repeated between bidders of same offers' value on the same day for opening envelopes.  Submission for purchase of these groups is according to the forms for participation in the auction prepared by the Committee.  Sale price of heads of valves of domestic gas cylinders that are not fit for use and made of copper will be per kilogram and the total value is calculated after weighing inside the company's sites and delivered after payment of the full value of the auction.
  2. The inspection of all groups shall be from the beginning of the official working day on Sunday, 12/11/2017, until the end of the official working day on Wednesday, 29/11/2017.
  3. Each offer shall be accompanied by a financial guarantee for seriousness of participation by a certified check in the name of Brega Oil Marketing Company or in cash for each group separately, refundable, except for those who are awarded, as follows:

The first group: LD.100,000 (one hundred thousand dinars).  The second group: LD.150,000 (one hundred fifty thousand dinars).  The third group: LD.75,000 (seventy five thousand dinars).  The fourth group: LD.50,000 (fifty thousand dinars).  The fifth group: LD.5,000 (five thousand dinars).

  1. Winner of the first group after payment of the value and before the transport process of waste must provide a certified check for LD.10,000 (ten thousand dinars) as guarantee of good performance in the name of Brega Oil Marketing Company, refundable, provided removal and cutting of baskets for handling of domestic gas cylinders before leaving the site and transporting all operational waste.
  2. Offers shall be submitted for all groups on the form prepared for this purpose and placed inside a closed envelope sealed with red wax including the offer value and the guarantee for seriousness of participation mentioned in paragraph (3). The envelope shall be addressed to Brega Oil Marketing Company, committee for sale of depreciated assets and offers must be submitted to the committee on the same day for opening the envelopes on Thursday, 30/11/2017 at 11.00 hrs at the company's site located at Airport Road, General Administration of Financial Affairs, first floor, meetings hall.
  3. The winner shall pay the full value within a maximum period of fifteen (15) days from the date of notification in writing that he is awarded. In case of non-payment of the amount on time, the value of the guarantee for participation will be confiscated.
  4. The winner of the first group shall be obliged to withdraw the items within a maximum period of 45 days and the rest of the groups within (15) fifteen days from the date of notification in writing. Direct delivery and receipt will be at winners' own expense.  In case of delay in withdrawal of groups, 2% of the value of the offer will be calculated for each week as storage charges and the company is not responsible as a result of the delay in receipt.  The winner is obliged to abide by the security and safety instructions during entry to the site and must provide the required permits when transporting the scrapped assets and operational waste.
  5. The Committee has the right to accept or cancel the auction without giving reasons.

For any inquiry, please visit company's website:

Also NOC website:

Or call the following telephone numbers: Tripoli: 0914091217 / Misurata: 0926602102.

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