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Auction for Sale of Different Materials and Spare Parts.

Alhoruj Oil Operations Company announces sale of various materials and spare parts by public auction.

Interested participants in this auction shall be able to view these items at the company's site at Ras Lanuf port during official working hours during the period from Sunday, 16.07.2017 to Sunday, 23.07.2017.

Offers shall be submitted in accordance with the form prepared for this purpose in closed envelopes accompanied by a certified check in the name of Alhoruj Oil Operations Company for 20% of the offer value as guarantee to be returned to the bidders who were not awarded.

Offers will be delivered to the company's headquarters at Ras Lanuf Port on Tuesday, 01.08.2017 at 10.00 hrs in sealed envelopes with red wax.  The results will be announced at 12.00 hrs on the same day, Tuesday, 01.08.2017.

Terms and Conditions for Sale by Auction:

  1. 1. Sale will be wholesale, not per piece.
  2. Offer will be for all materials and parts declared as a single package.
  3. The bidder shall pay the value by a certified check and complete the delivery and receipt procedures before withdrawing the items from site within one week from the date of announcement of the result.
  4. The auction is for sale of all materials and spare parts which are presented according the approved form prepared by the sales committee.
  5. The material to be sold shall be inspected during the period specified in the announcement from 16.07.2017 to 23.07.2017.
  6. Offers shall be submitted with a certified check for 20% of the offer value.

7 . When filling the purchase order form, the data shall be written in clear handwriting without changing or abrasion or deletion.

8 . The applications will be sorted and the results will be announced as scheduled by the sales committee in the presence of the interested bidders on 01.08.2017 at 12.00 hrs at Ras Lanuf Port.

9 . The sale is according to the terms of the auction on the basis of the highest price and if the offers are equal, a lottery will be made in the presence of successful applicants.

10 . The sales committee is not obliged to sell unless the value reaches the planned amount.  The committee has right to cancel the auction if it deems it is necessary without giving reasons or justifications.

11 . The winner is obliged to pay the full amount by a certified check in favor of  Alhoruj Oil Operations Company.

12 . If the winner of the auction fails to pay the price of the sale within a week from the date of announcement of the result, the primary deposit of 20% shall be confiscated and bidder may not participate in any future auction.

13 . The amount of the primary deposit provided by the winner shall be retained until all the procedures have been satisfied and completed transport of all materials sold outside the company's headquarters.

  1. 14. If the winner of the auction delays receipt of the materials and transport it from the company to a storage area within the period specified after the date of sale, additional storage charges of 2% of the purchase price will be charged for each week.  If the delay exceeds two weeks, the sale committee will have the right to confiscate the primary deposit  and re-sell the materials at the expense of the concerned at a public auction and return the value which has been paid to the Company after deducting the storage expenses and any other amounts deemed by the company's sales committee and bidder will not be accepted to participation in any future auction.

15 . The Company is not responsible for any emergency change that follows the auction after the auction is awarded as it will be in the same condition at the time of auction.

16 . The Company is not liable for any taxes or financial obligations relating to the materials.

17 . The Company is not obliged to provide means of transport, communication and accommodation for the participants in the auction.

18 . The company can provide forklifts for packing materials for the winner on the cars for transport.

For any inquiry, please contact the following phone number: 0213330081, internal 5870 or 5059 or mobile: 0912203047.

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