External Studies Administration Ends Second Forum
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External Studies Administration Ends Second Forum

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Wednesday; 18/07/2012, the second forum of the events of the External Studies Administration end in Omer Almukhtar University in Albaidha city. The forum was held under the motto "Integration to Achieve Sustainable Human Development", sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in cooperation with Omer Almukhtar University. A number of officials and heads of departments in the ministry attended the forum.

The minister who was present in the forum congratulate the Libyan people for the successful elections and it is a great step towards democracy in the new free Libya.

The minister strongly stressed the role of granting scholarships in building societies. The forum shed light on the vital role in activating the language centers in universities.

At the end of the forum, it was agreed on a number of recommendations that lists of nominees should start to be referred to the External Studies from Departments of universities, High Institutes and other entities authorized for nomination each February so that they reach External Studies by April. By then the External Studies will work on issuing a decision for scholarship during the annual holiday of staff members. Scholarship decisions should be valid for two years from issue date.

Other recommendations were that universities are independent in making agreements and other cooperative programs. Language Centers at Universities should be connected with External Studies and that those who get scholarship should join the language Center on part-time basis in coordination with their work. This step comes from the concept of qualifying students before sending them to the country of studies.