Belgium and Libya strengthen relations with the new authorities
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Belgium and Libya strengthen relations with the new authorities

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Belgian Foreign Minister arrives Libya to strengthen relations with the new authorities


Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders began talks today with senior leaders, the Libyans, in an effort to strengthen his country's relations with the Libyan authorities new

According to a Foreign Ministry statement that the Belgian Reynders will seek to confirm the new leaders of the Libyan commitment to his work for the escort to Libya in the transitional phase, "but Mr. Reynders also wants to focus on the political side in the future relations between Belgium and Libya," according to the statement

Is scheduled to consider the Belgian Foreign Minister, who began the day his visit to Libya, how to help the Libyan authorities to promote the challenges ahead, especially in terms of policing and the country's borders, as Belgium was involved in the process of NATO, NATO, in Libya, which led to Help Libyan rebels to eliminate the system of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

Is due to the President of the Belgian diplomacy during his current tour in North Africa and the Middle East, which will last three days, a visit to Tunisia and to Lebanon

According to diplomatic sources familiar with the Reynders will discuss with Lebanese officials as well as cooperative relations between the parties, the latest developments in the Syrian crisis, where "the hope of Minister of Foreign Affairs to exchange views with Lebanese officials on the best ways to cooperate in order to develop work to stop violence in Syria", according to The same sources

It is noted that the visit to the region Reynders is his first as Minister for Foreign Affairs of his country