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Al Madar Co (Training specialist)

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Job Vacancy  (training specialist)

Tasks and responsibilities

• Providing the necessary training to users according to training plan (on-demand or in-need).

• processing necessary information for the purpose of training provided to departments of the company.

• Participating in the quest to search for training centers to provide necessary training courses.

• Participating in negotiations for a contractual training courses.

• Opening request files for training "session and selection of applications, registration of participants, follow-up, evaluation of training courses and bill payments."

• Liaising with all departments to identify the basic requirements necessary to gain access to various training courses.

• Transmission of information to the department for training personnel in order to maintain track of all courses offered to the staff of the company.

• Providing a list of training courses offered to departments and help them to find a new training courses when needed.

• Helping training centers to determine the appropriate formulas and the most accurate methods of teaching and training according to the needs of the company.

• Following up to the annual training plan

• The statistical analysis of card for the qualitative and quantitative performance of the training courses carried out with a view to constant improvement of the quality of training in the company.

Job Requirements

• Education: Bachelor or Higher Diploma Management.

• Experience: at least three years.

Personal skills:

• organization and rigor.

• a good listener in meetings.

• good guidance for the trainees.

• Fluency in English and able to use computer.

The required number and place of work:

(2) Tripoli

Deadline  is 07/31/2012

Apply online: