ACTED ( Logistic Intern )
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ACTED ( Logistic Intern )

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Closing Date: Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Department: Logistic

Position: Logistic Intern

Contract duration: 6 months

Location: Libya Starting Date ASAP

II. Country Profile

In response to the emergency situation in Libya, Acted Recruits.

III. Position Profile

The Logistic Intern is responsible for operational management of logistics for his area with the help of logisticians .He also participates in the improvement of procedures and their implementation in its area.

Operational management of the logistics area

Drawing up a schedule of monthly purchase and track purchases on the area

Collection and consolidation of purchasing data on its zone

Order Tracking

Stocks on the area

Planning, management and monitoring of the staff and merchandises travel to the area

Overseeing the allocation of equipment to the area

Manage the logistic supports per project and per basis

Supervision of the area logistics teams (recruitment, appraisal, training)

Participation in defining and improving logistical procedures

Establishment of procedures provided by the Logistics Coordinator for its area Country

Monitoring the application of logistic procedures on the basis of its area

Corrective actions for deviations concerning the logistics procedures on the basis of its area

Force proposal to supplement and improve logistics processes over the area and mission

Participation in project development for the logistic.

Definition of problems and logistical resources in the project proposals made to donors on the area

Planning funding resources of logistics in connection with the Country Coordination

Security management area

Establishment of safety procedures on its area

Updating and improving of these procedures in its area

Briefing of new staff in its area

Ensure safe on its area and information feedback to the Country Coordination

IV. Qualifications:

Postgraduate diploma in relation to the position

Excellent English writing and communication skills

Ability to work efficiently under pressure

Ability to work in an unstable security environment moving

Ability to work independently and creatively about the land and capital


V. Conditions:

Field Intern benefits include: a 300 USD per month living allowance, coverage of all accommodation, food, and travel costs, a luggage allowance of 50 kg., and the provision of medical, repatriation, and life insurance

How to apply:

Please send, in English, your cover letter, CV, and three references to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it