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Tunisia and Libya Sign Cooperation Protocol of Transparency in Energy and Mining

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The chairman of the board of directors of the Libya Transparency Association, Ibrahim Abdulkareem, signed a protocol with the chairman of the Tunisian Transparency Association, Sufian Alquqi. The protocol is related to transparency in energy and mining.

The two associations work in their countries with the principles that establishing the concept of democracy, upholding transparency and integrity, justice and combating all types of corruption that hinder progress and development.

Both parties are looking forward to strengthening the cooperation between them in achieving the joint goals and the agree on:

- Exchanging periodic reports and leaflets issuing by them.

- Exchanging experise and experiences and calling each other to participate in activities organized by either association.

- Cooperating in the field of training, seminar and conference organization and workshops.

- Exchanging members to participate in training programs.

- Strengthening relations between them to achieve transparency and combating corruption.

- Bilateral cooperation in supporting publication of both countries and international activities.

- Providing joint projects between them in the fields of promoting transparency and combating corruption.