Central Bank of Libya Agrees Resumption of credit Cards
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Central Bank of Libya Agrees Resumption of credit Cards

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Central Bank o Libya Agrees Resumption of credit  Cards

The Central Bank of Libya agreed to resume issuance of plastic cards (prepaid). It granted permission to commercial banks to activate the issuance of such cards on denominated accounts with Libyan dinars with the conditions that these accounts are not reserved or frozen. Such accounts should also meet the following conditions:

- Card should be issued upon customer's request.

- Customer should have current account in the branch issuing the card.

- Card should be used legally.

- The maximum limit of card is 10000LD or equivalent in foreign currency and the minimum limit is 500LD or equivalent in foreign currency.

- They should have enough balance in their accounts.

- Buying and selling prices are according to Libyan dinar.