India and Ivory Coast Send Ambassadors to Libya
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India and Ivory Coast Send Ambassadors to Libya

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The foreign minister, Ashur ben Khaiala, individually the ambassadors of India and Ivory Coast to Libya as they handed in a copy of their approval to work as new ambassadors in Libya.

Ben Kaiala made it clear that Libya will make all facilities available before the ambassadors to conduct their work smoothly so that bilateral cooperation and relations between them are strengthened.

The Indian ambassador expressed the desire of his country to build new relations with the new Libya. He also stated that India is ready to depute a group of experts and specialist in the field of artificial limbs (prosthetics) to contribute in curing the revolutionaries.

The Ambassador of the Ivory Coast expressed the readiness of his country to work and contribute in developing relations between the two countries wishing Libyan people to enjoy prosperity and progress.