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Tripoli Company for Dairy Products

Announcement for hiring stores

Tripoli Company for Dairy Products announces that it desires to rent its stores which are affiliate to it and located in Airport Road – Alantisar District opposite to the Stoves and Fridges Company according to the following specifications:

Site is in Airport Road – Alantisar District 3.5 km.

Stores area are 1320m2.

Store height are more than 6 m. There is an additional space in front of the store of 1290m2.

There is a number of 10 roofed rooms can be used as accommodation for the workers or the guards with an area of 184m2.

The roof of the store need to be repaired by the tenant and then to be deducted from the payment agreed by the two parties.

Those who wish to rent this store should contact the company on: 0214805825 – 0926454342 – 0925165569, email: or one can come in person to view the place