Auction For Sale Of Unused Autos And Machineries
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Auction For Sale Of Unused Autos And Machineries

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Public Services Company in Sabha announces its desire to pose auction for sale of unused autos and machineries in closed envelope in the name of disposal committee of the company in Sabha.

All interested parties should contact the administration company to draw the manual of conditions and specifications; according the following conditions:

1-       To draw the manual of conditions and specifications as from 12-8-2009 at 12:00hrs non refundable.

2-       To submit the offers in closed sealed with red wax in the name of  disposal committee at the company.

3-       To attach with offer %15 of value of the offer by certified cheque issued by working bank in Libya in the name of Public Services Company in Sabha; as primary deposit will be refunded in case of loss the auction.

4-       To submit the offers on 19-8-2009 at 10:00hrs in the company’s headquarter opposite GPC of Culture and Media- Egiead area , the envelopes will be opened in the same day and the awarding will be in the second day.

5-       Winner should pay the remaining amount within three days from date of notification. In case of delay the primary deposit will be confiscated.

6-       The sale will be by whole sale.

7-       Winner should withdrawal the materials within one week.

8-       The committee has a right to cancel the auction in case offers will not reach to the estimated value.

9-       For further information please contact:

 Mob: +218 92 513 51 16/ +218 92 513 48 41/ +218 92 446 32 82.