Auction For Sale Of Used Autos
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Auction For Sale Of Used Autos

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NOC Sales committee announces its desire to pose auction for sale of  used autos for Woodside company.
The sampling will be on the same day of the sale during the working hours in the Allansha warehouses in Siddi Almsri- Tripoli. The envelops will be opened on 13-5-2010 at 12:00hrs.
1-    To submit the offers in closed envelopes according the formed form and to attach with the offer L.D 1000 by certified cheque in the name of NOC and will be refunded in case of loss the auction.
2-    Winner should payment the remaining amount immediately  after awarding the auction.
3-    Winner should withdraw the auto within 24 hours.
4-    The committee  is not obliged to hand over any documents belonging to the car sold, except the contract of sale and purchase receipt.
5-    In case of withdrawal from the auction the certified cheque will be confiscated and give priority automatically to the next best price.