Training in English Language
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Training in English Language

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Specific Training Center for Oil Industries

The Center determines to do an English language training course according to the most recent internationally accredited curricula, tools and native trainers.

Course duration: 6 weeks, 90 hours, 3 hours per day.


- Beginner, parts  A and B

- Elementary, parts  A and B

- Pre-intermediate, parts  A and B

- Intermediate, parts  A and B

- Upper-intermediate, parts  A and B

Passing the following certificates (KET, PET, FCE) is a condition for progressing.

Cost: 400LD for each part including books.

Registration date: from 23/09/2012 until 08/10/2012.

Placement test is from 07/10/2012 to 10/10/2012 at 9:30am.

Course start date: from Sunday 14/10/2012 to 22/11/2012, from 3:30pm until 6:30pm.

KET and PET exams cost 140LD.

To register, one needs to come in person accompanied with the fees, a photocopy of passport (Arabic and English) and two photos.

For more info, call: 0925416254, the Development Activities Management.

Or 0237643215 – 023629026 – 023643042 – 023643043, ext. 3220 – 3221