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Agriculture, Livestock and Marine Ministry

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Announcement on Investment of the Productive Units of the Ataseel Project


Agriculture, Livestock and Marine Ministry announces investment of the productive units comprising Ataseel Project of chicken and meat in Tarhuna according to the investment law No. (9) for 2010 and that according to the following conditions:

1- Investing Ataseel Project of chicken and meat in Tarhuna, for raising chickens to produce chicks, meat, by the method of (partnership or competent foreign companies) and that with rehabilitation and operation management and providing the necessities and guarantees for the final products for local marketing and part of it international.

2- Investing the project units for only raising the meat producer for producing enriched eggs by the local and international companies by (long-term hiring method) and the investor will handle the rehabilitation and operations processes of these units on his own expenses.